Fertility Patient Testimonials

Dear Weiping,
We apologize for the delay in sending this letter. This delay does not undermine the importance of your treatment and its significance in contributing to the success of my pregnancy. Please feel free to share this letter with any couples that are looking to conceive a child. My story has both practical and inspirational messages and may be worthwhile for couples that had the same doubts that I did about eight months ago.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive since January, 2003. By November, 2003 we were still unable to conceive so we began to seek help. Considering my age, 33, and relative good health, I was deeply saddened and disappointed when faced with the possibility that I was unable to conceive. We met with a specialist in Philadelphia. A number of tests were conducted on my husband and me.

I was very upset when the specialist described the results and recommended a course of action. Basically, I was diagnosed with high FSH and my husband’s semen analysis revealed a low sperm volume and motility. Given these findings, the specialist recommended a donor egg if we were to conceive. Since we said that was not an option, she said that we would need a miracle to conceive naturally. This news devastated me. I missed work for a few days.

I was then referred to another doctor in January, 2004. He did not seem as concerned about my high FSH. He did not consider it to be much of an issue. Even when coupled with my husband’s sperm problem, he was sure that I could conceive. In fact he mentioned that of the patients that he sees, our chances were good, but not great.

So we took his advice, and began to follow his protocol. In the following weeks and months, he performed a number of tests and procedures. Turns out that high FSH was not my only problem, each month I would only produce one follicle for a potential IUI or IVF procedure.

I met Weiping. Weiping noticed my high FSH and suggested that I consider acupuncture. She mentioned that she had been successful in helping other women lower their FSH through acupuncture treatments. Of course I was skeptical, however thinking that my situation was desperate, I was willing to give her acupuncture treatments a try.

Weiping began my acupuncture treatments at the beginning of June. Because of my high FSH, she recommended treatments twice a week. At that point, I was determined to get positive results from her treatment. After just a few treatments, I began to feel the difference. My energy level increased and I noticed that I was not as easily angered. Given this initial positive reaction, I was very careful to follow Weiping’s instructions closely.

Before beginning my acupuncture treatment, my highest FSH level was recorded at 49.2. With acupuncture treatment and subsequent blood tests, my FSH level began to fall. Weiping suggested that my limited follicle production was also related to my elevated FSH. In addition to this concern, I needed to resort to IUIs because for the next three months, the one follicle that I could produce released too soon for me to attempt an IVF cycle.

After three failed IUIs, I finally had a successful retrieval on August 21, 2004. The egg was a very high quality.

At the beginning of this cycle, my FSH level on day two was 24.8. The day before retrieval, it declined to 1.5. The egg fertilized and was transferred back on August 24. As of this writing, I am 32 weeks pregnant.

Weiping discharged me from her treatment at 12 weeks because her work was completed. Weiping convinced me that acupuncture can make a difference. I wrote this story for couples dealing with infertility. With faith, dedication, and some help from an infertility doctor and Weiping Wang, your dreams of becoming parents are likely to come true.

My name is Maria. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for nearly 5 years. After a year of trying on our own, we went to see a fertility specialist. Our initial diagnosis was unexplained fertility. I began taking Clomid and we had an IUI. My doctor found that my husband had anti-sperm antibodies and that IUI with a wash was the way to go. My husband saw an urologist and had a varicocele operation done, on which there is debate whether improvement would be seen. We waited three months and had another IUI. Over the course of nearly 2 years we had about a half dozen MI’s. We were told that we should move on to IVF.

In our first IVF with ICSI, I was on the lowest dosage of drugs and only one egg was retrieved. Two weeks later, we were not pregnant. Our second IVF, they had increased the dosage of the drugs and we were able to retrieve a few more eggs but the embryo quality wasn’t great. Again, two weeks later, we were not pregnant. On our third IVF, we had 14 eggs retrieved (my average was somewhere in the half dozen range), but after fertilization, the embryo quality wasn’t great and even though we transferred five embryos, none had implanted. In our doctor consultation, I was told that I was biologically older than my chronological age of 36! What was unexplained infertility 5 years ago, turned into male factor, and then to my age!

I had met Weiping and she had mentioned that I should try acupuncture. I started reading up on it and found that there is an increased success rate with IVF in conjunction with acupuncture. In fact, acupuncture is the only way to increase blood flow to the ovaries and the uterus. I decided to give it a try. I was very comfortable with Weiping. She has a lot of experience with infertility and understands both the Western and Eastern perspectives about it. She explained the protocol to me and also recommended that I not drink anything very cold or eat ice cream. The acupuncture treatments were not painful and I found it to be true that they were relaxing. We were now on our 4th IVF attempt. We had transferred 3 embryos. Two weeks later, I got the call we had been waiting for!!! I am pregnant! Weiping’s magic fingers helped us have our dream come true. I firmly believe the difference this time was going to Weiping for acupuncture. I only wish I had done this much sooner!

Thank You, Weiping!

Dear Weiping,
Our daughter was born on April 5, 2006. She’s the biggest miracle we ever had! We are so lucky and grateful to get help and support from you, one of the best doctors we have ever known!

We cannot say enough except thanks. Without your support we would not have this beautiful miracle, Isabella! Yelin, Wei and Isabella

Dear Weiping,
Thank you for all your help and guidance in achieving such a beautiful baby girl, Marissa. She is such a blessing and wonderful addition to our family.
Carol and John

Dear Weiping,
My husband and I can’t thank you enough for your care and support in helping us make our dream come true. You were with us all the way through this journey and we will always remember you. Our twins are just perfect! We are over the moon at being parents of a baby boy and a baby girl. We are truly blessed.

Thank you once again.

With much love,
Priti and Harish

Dear Weiping,
Thank you so much for helping us become proud parents. Sophie brings a smile to us every day and fills our lives with love. We are forever grateful, thank you.

Ashley, John and baby Sophie

Dear Weiping,
We just wanted to thank you for all of your help, support and well wishes. Our little miracle has arrived! Morgan Ann was born at Bryn Mawr Hospital weighing 8 lbs. 5 oz. We are so thrilled to have her with us. Thank you for your kind support for all of those trying months. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Most gratefully,
Dave and Jodie

My husband and I had been trying to have children for several years. Both in our mid-thirties and in good health, we were very surprised to be having so much trouble getting pregnant. We worked with a clinic for over a year with little success. My situation included elevated FSH levels and poor responses to follicle stimulation medications (only a handful of follicles each cycle). I came to know Weiping as we were experiencing our first cancelled IVF cycle. Needless to say, I was distraught.

Weiping welcomed us in her warm, knowing and compassionate way. She worked with our schedules/plans and offered us more support than I could have imagined (even a Sunday night session). Weiping affirmed our dream of becoming parents. We could not have done it without her. It’s not just the acupuncture; it’s the way Weiping does acupuncture. Thank you, Weiping.


My husband and I tried for 4 years to conceive. Three of those years were spent with a fertility specialist with no luck determining the cause of my infertility. We tried Clomid, IUIs, injectibles (which led to a tubal pregnancy and damaged tube) and finally decided to try IVF. The first attempt led to a pregnancy which I immediately miscarried. The second attempt failed. We had one more try left, after which we were going to stop trying and begin looking into adoption. My IVF nurse suggested I see Weiping for acupuncture in conjunction with my final IVF attempt. I always agreed with the concept of acupuncture, but was never hopeful it would work for me, especially after so many failed attempts at other methods of getting pregnant. Weiping was very warm and friendly and took the time to explain the acupuncture process to me. The needles are nothing to be anxious about at all, and if you can get your mind in the right zone, it can be a truly relaxing experience. I’m happy to say that as I write this, I’m 4 months pregnant! I never thought I’d see an end to our fertility journey and am finally able to start bonding with the baby growing inside me as it becomes more of a reality for me. Thank you Weiping for helping us to achieve that. I will recommend you to the many women I know who continue to struggle with infertility.

With eternal gratitude,